About Us


This project stems from the need to break with the prevailing dynamic of the fashion industry, born with the intention of opening a gap between the past and forging a new path based on a contemporary style of sustainability and longevity.

In a world where everything is becoming more and more alike, The Cut Project aims to break that uniformity by bringing exclusivity and distinction. In the face of fast fashion, a new esthetic classicism begins to emerge. In the face of vulgarity, we see femininity and style. Faced with the limited term and the ephemeral nature of trends, durability and lasting identity prevails.

Given the often hard-to-justify prices of certain luxury brands and the aggressive discount strategies of fast fashion, we are committed to a policy of prices adjusted to the quality and exclusivity of the designs. By choosing quality over quantity, and with more timeless designs, we all contribute to a more responsible, conscious fashion.


The Cut Project is a company that defends luxury, not only in terms of quality and aesthetics, but also as a way of working in order to design collections with dedication and time, taking great care in the craftsmanship and selection of raw materials. Luxury is also knowing that our craftsmen work in optimal conditions and that they share with us the same values of respect, honesty and sustainability. We are proud to collaborate with local producers to guarantee the origin of our materials.


It’s all about avant-garde design that combines classicism, innovation and exclusive qualities, created from a small studio with time and passion, focused on a global world that needs to evolve into new ways of thinking about fashion: think global, act local.

Our designer has worked for great brands, such as Oscar de la Renta, Loewe, Carolina Herrera and Massimo Dutti, to name a few. However, he was inspired to offer the highest quality at an appropriate price and concentrated his efforts on a small personal revolution that tries to redefine the concept of luxury.

The speed of the industry prevents creators from devoting the attention and dedication necessary to develop unique products, which has led many designers to take a risky but exciting path. This means taking care of every detail and controlling the entire process, from the initial stage the idea is conceived until the moment the product arrives in the hands of every client. These are the values that drive this project and all those who want to see luxury and fashion from another perspective.


An aesthetic of refined lines, of architectural inspiration and chromatic games, that connects with the trend, but with a timeless vocation and a defined identity that bases its roots on the concept of contemporary classic. 

Using materials that are made in Spain and leather from Italy, helps to ensure the products are made in a high quality, more natural way while respecting the environment. Vegetable tannins from plants such as acacia, oak or chestnut, give our leather a natural appearance that improves over time and also eliminates the use of polluting chemicals in the manufacturing process.


Our clients, as well as the women who make up our team, are urban, trained and well-informed, with a non-conformist contemporary spirit. They are feminine, confident, strong and independent. They stay abreast of social and cultural trends and are passionate about fashion in an unconventional way.

Art, music, architecture and design in general, are some of their main concerns, but they are also concerned about the environment and the welfare of the people who manufactures what they buy.

Without these women, this revolution would not be possible.

About Us