Martín Muñoz

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The project

J. Martín Muñoz is a Spanish artist whose work spreads all over the country, with a personal style to represent the Castillan landscape. I created and developed a web gallery and a representative logo to highlight his work.


  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
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The brand

Playing with the "m" in the client's name and last name, we created the brand, giving the impression of a folded paper and referring to the use of them in the client's work.

Later, this logo was used to make business cards according to the graphic style of the web.


Martín Muñoz

In the Home page, we highlight J. Martin Muñoz's curriculum, exhibitions and awards.

Both on the Home page and in the work pages, we highlight a famous quote that represents the artist's work and philosophy.


Gallery for touch devices

In the single work page, we have access to different images. One for the full work and the rest from details.

This images are in a touch slider which facilitates navigation in any resolution and device.