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The project

Divulgagua is an educational initiative of the CIDTA (Research and Water Technology Development Center) and the FECYT (Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology), to promote the environmental research in Castille and Leon. I created a web portal to spread news and collaboration, as well as a logo for the project and the old CIDTA updating.


  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
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The CIDTA and Divulgagua

The CIDTA corporate identity was renewed and a new image for the project was created to promote the environmental research in Castile and Leon, Divulgagua.

In both cases, we played with the idea of the water molecule as a basis for the image creation.



A series of icons are created for the different website sections.

Simplicity and color are the basis, since the target are the students of Castile and Leon.


Illustrated materials

A simple illustration was made to represent the different equipment required for the experiments to be done in the high schools.


News about water.

From all the website sections, two of them stand out: The first for the CIDTA news and the second for the news related to water and investigation and research.

Both sections have the same estructure, differing in the sidebar and in the color used.


Friendly design

In the mobile view, the blog sidebar is hidden, allowing you to see the part you are really interested in when clicking, avoiding excessive scrolling on the page and making it more comfortable to navigate.


Events calendar

An events calendar was created to display the different visits and courses that will be held throughout the project duration.